Assumptions….am I right to assume?

I called my dear husband to inform him that I am taking the kids to the swimming pool. He was in the middle of a surgery (which I confirmed later) and did not pick up the call. So I left a message and proceeded as planned. Later when I met him at the pool as I had asked him to pick us up from there he asked whether I brought his stuff. Obviously I hadn’t. And I had several excuses “ As you didn’t pick my call, I assumed you were in the middle of a surgery and would be too tired when you come to pick us up, so wouldn’t swim”. Also, “You hadn’t swam till now in this season, so I thought you would not swim even today.” After a little while, I said something about some one ( I exactly don’t remember now about whom and what) who was passing by…

And my husband asked me a question which set me thinking, “Why do you make so many assumptions?”

As I reflected on his question, I realized that I form many assumptions throughout the day, every day. The range is very wide. Most of them may be right, some of them wrong, but I don’t verify. I just assume things even when they do not have any connection to me. I wondered whether assumption is a general habit of human beings!

If I say it is a general habit, it will again be an assumption…

Is it possible to keep one’s mind clear of assumptions?
Is it easy to not think anything (positive or negative) about anybody?
Can I be an open vessel to the Divine influence only without any influence from anyone (mental / vital)?

I know the answer to all these questions…but the more important question is whether I have the strength to go ahead…

The path is not easy or smooth, but will I ever know without even trying…

“What is very important is to maintain very alert the will to live and be what one knows to be the truth.” The Mother (CWMCE 14, pg 30)


3 thoughts on “Assumptions….am I right to assume?

  1. Very well written, Gilu! We do make so many assumptions about people, events, happenings, what others said, what they didn’t say etc etc….you are so right the path to practice living without such assumptions, to be open to only the True influences is not easy. Inspiring quote from the Mother! How precise Her words – “to maintain very alert the will”.
    So good that you are now writing regularly 🙂

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