A help always at hand…

We are faced with challenging situations every day. Some tasks are difficult, some words are harsh or even some attitudes are very negative. Sometimes, it is the behaviour of one’s supervisor or colleagues that hurt or at times it is some news that brings despondency to us.

How do we deal with these situations?

How should we ideally deal with such events?

We, some students, have been struggling with the administration of a university in the pursuance of our MPhil / PhD. After several long years, we thought we saw light at the end of the tunnel as we received exam notification and dates. Exams were / are scheduled to begin this coming week. Studies were going on in full earnest. I had cancelled our vacation plans at the cost of huge financial loss as well as disappointments on the children’s faces. But now it seems that the light we saw was only an artificial light and not the day light at the end of the tunnel. We just received news that still there are some problems and the decisions regarding exams are not yet final.

For some time after I read the mail, my mind was in turmoil. A mixture of emotions – anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, etc…flooded in. I even called up my hubby dear to vent out my frustration (he was of no help though- only commented “What can I do about this?”)

As time passed, I recalled a passage which I had only today morning. It was from a letter of Sri Aurobindo regarding equality. “Equality means a quiet and unmoved mind and vital, it means not to be touched or disturbed by things that happen or things said or done to you, but to look at them with a straight look, free from distortions created by personal feeling, and to try to understand what is behind them, why they happen, what is to be learnt from them….” (Letters on Yoga, pg. 661)

As I read this passage again, I felt a calm and peace within. All the negative emotions within me were gone, as a cloud drifted away by wind…. Level headed, I started thinking of the ways to proceed rather than being bitter…

It is not to say that I have attained equality of vital or mind…This blog is only a humble note about how the masters’ words guide me on the path, however rough it might be…


One thought on “A help always at hand…

  1. Light, Perfect Light from His Words. Thanks Gilu for writing this and for sharing this most appropriate message from Sri Aurobindo. May you continue to walk on the path toward equality…

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