A boon in disguise

        One of the biggest mistakes I recently made was joining a small play school where I work even now. The grass was green when I was afar but it turned out to be yellow as I came on the ground!

        I had been associated with the school even before I decided to join it as a teacher as my child attends the school. But I had never imagined that it would be a difficult working environment. , I realized that I made a mistake within a month of joining. It is a place where the Principal is sovereign, the teachers’ opinions do not have any value, ideas are not acknowledged, blame games play and to top it all, the honorarium is just about nothing. There are moments when I wanted to give up…

         Difficult times still persist. But just as there is a silver lining to every cloud, my teaching life also has a silver lining. It would have been impossible to gain the experience of spending the time with children without being a teacher. The hours I spend with the kids fill my heart with joy. I watch them play, wander and through it all learn something new each day. Their innocence touches every chord of my heart. I have to admit that there are times when these kids make life hell for us, with their fighting, pestering and being just troublesome. But as these difficult times pass, their cheerful nature brings back delight.

         As days go by, I realize that every day I get to spend with the children is a learning experience. Their mischiefs and tantrums make me a better mother to my own children. Their simple joys make me realize the meaninglessness of all the unnecessary complications we create in our own lives. The formidable authority teaches me to face all the arduous conditions in life with calm. The lesson that only my attitude has to change for the experiences to change is being constantly reinforced.

       Truly, this mistake has turned to be a boon in disguise.

[This blog is written based on the daily prompt,Favorite mistake, on wordpress.com ]


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