Always in my heart…

‘Home is where the heart is’ says the wise…

So, it wouldn’t matter whether I am away from home for a year or ten years if my dear husband and kids are with me. And if due to some unexpected turn in life I have to live alone for a year, then modern technology will keep me in constant contact with my family…

But then I imagined myself completely alone, cut off from the world….May be, a trip to the Himalayas…And I got down to think what I would take on such a trip to remind myself of my family.

I thought about some of the gifts my dear has brought me over the years. I also thought of the creative gifts my kids have made me on several occasions like mother’s day or my birthday. I even considered taking a photograph. But eventually I realized that there would be nothing I need to carry along with the purpose of reminding myself of my family. Close my eyes and there they would be….

Physical objects are very good channels to facilitate recollections. Looking at a photograph taken on an exotic holiday immediately transports one to the place and the joy associated with the trip is relived. Holding a gift from a loved one brings back memories of the occasion on which the gift was given. The occasion is again played in front of the mind’s eyes.

But these memories are not limited to the objects only.

Wherever I am, wherever I will be, my family always stay with me, in my heart, my mind and my being…

 [This post is written as part of the Daily prompt – An ounce of home]


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