True attitude towards work

I started working as soon as I finished my studies and continued till my elder daughter was born. When she was born I had to make a choice- continue on a career path and reach great heights or enjoy motherhood and bring her up being a hands-on-mother. I had several factors to consider, but finally I chose to be a hands-on-mother.

Now after 10 years and having another daughter, there are moments when I tend to question my decision.

Do I regret my decision to leave a promising career and stay home? NO.

Do I miss the hustle-bustle of the office and the interaction with colleagues? Yes.

Hence, when I got the opportunity to work in the playschool, I did not hesitate to take it. It is not a big career, neither big money, but it was a welcome change from sitting home doing nothing in the mornings while my kids are at school…

I draw comfort from the words of the Mother. “You must do the work as an offering to the Divine and take it as part of your sadhana. In that spirit, the nature of the work is of little importance and you can do any work without losing the contact with the inner presence.” (CWM 14, pg 319)

I try to remember this and not get dejected. The work I do is not something I would really have liked, but still it is some use of my abilities and my attitude is the only thing that matters. There is no career growth here, but I get to learn every day. I constantly meet people who look down on us, which hurt, and it takes great effort to ignore their negative attitude. The behaviour of certain co-workers is often repugnant, but I remind myself of the Mother’s advice to take it coolly and go on with the work quietly.


                              Image courtesy : Google images

{Flower:Acacia Auriculiformis (common name – Wattle)

Spiritual significance given by the Mother – “Let us offer our work to the Divine, this is the sure way of progressing.”}

May be, the obstacle to overcome within myself is the ego and preference towards a particular type of work. Whenever it becomes difficult to keep calm, I remind myself that my work is my offering to the Divine, I only have to consecrate sincerely and She will take care. The journey continues with this faith..

More of Her words which bring strength. “Let us work as we pray, for indeed work is the body’s best prayer to the Divine.” (Ibid, pg 321)



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