Waning patience…

Has patience become an uncommon virtue in the present generation? I look around and see impatient young men and women all around…

People driving do not have even a minute at the traffic lights. Pedestrians seem to value their time much more than even life that they do not wait even a minute at the crossing. It only takes a minute for people to be aggressive verbally or physically. I often feel very angry seeing these things around.

Isn’t patience waning not only on roads, but also in our homes? I agree there have been domestic problems all through the time, but has it not increased in the past decade or so?

Husband-wife compatibility seems to have hit a low point, divorce cases are on the rise, even young children have so much anger within…

I looked around but then looked within…Even I am less tolerant and very impatient these days. Not that I was a ‘patience personified’ earlier, but still…Now even small things get to me very easily…Why?

What is patience? I feel patience is acceptance of people around oneself, irrespective of their behaviour. It is being not affected by the incidents that appear to be against one’s own principles. It is better to be not affected by any behaviour which one cannot change. Patience is being able to ‘respond and not react’.

How can we practice? The wise have always advised counting till 100 before you react to any situation. The mind should be calm as the still water in a pond.

The Mother’s words, “..it is not good to be impatient and agitated- you must do everything peacefully and quietly without haste.” And She gives the way to develop patience as well. “If the mind remains quiet in all circumstances and happenings patience will be more increased.” (CWM 14, pg 177)


                 Source: www.motherandsriaurobindo.org

         (Flower: Ageratum houstonianum, deep lavender

   Significance: Vital patience. Indispensable for all progress)

All circumstances are opportunities for progress. The most important thing is how we carry ourselves through them. At every moment, we have a choice – to break or to be strong.

Realization of the need of improvement may be the beginning of the journey, hence my journey begins…


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