Red circles everywhere…

My younger daughter, four and a half year old, has just started school this year (April)…

She loves going to school; I am the one who is under immense stress! Reason for my stress – I see her notebooks everyday with red circles all over – each  letter going even one tenth of a millimeter outside the ‘blue lines’ in the ‘four line page’ is marked with a circle…and then a comment at the bottom “child needs more practice’’. In her defense, her formations are correct, some of them only go over the lines! But since I see these circles day after day, I keep pestering her to write correctly, write more and then some more…

My dear one, who is new to the whole experience of getting up early and going to school, comes back drained in this scorching heat…I pity her and pamper her for a while, but soon it is time for the strict mother to surface! Time to study! And there I see the red circles again!

Well, after quite a few days of stress I decided that there is no point in putting so much pressure on my kid…She might take some time to get used to writing…but eventually she will learn. And she has her whole life in front of her to keep writing, writing and writing. She is only in KG! I became relaxed, and shouted less at her. Did it make a difference? I don’t exactly know. But the fact is – she is improving every day, little by little she is making progress.

So I started thinking: Was it right by the teacher to do this? What was her reason behind this?

I do not have any answers to these questions, but since my child hasn’t complained about her teacher, I thought probably the red marks were meant for the mothers who have to get their kids to do the homework!

Anyway, did my child benefit from my being less stressed about her work? I think she did. She is not as unhappy as she was about writing now.

And, did it help me? A big ‘Yes’…

I know my child is capable, I know I can teach her…so what difference does it make if she gets a C1 in the first assessment!

I will better make learning a joyful experience for her…


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