Temple of the Lord…

There was an old temple in shambles. Though there was a priest to perform the necessary prayers, not much attention was given to the temple at all. Over a period of time, the physical structure had gathered dust and mould, the walls were cracked, the arts and crafts were damaged and the sculptures missed some parts here or there.

One fine day, someone realized that the temple needed repairs. So, the place was dusted, cleaned and repaired! Cracks were filled, the art were renovated, the sculptures were repaired… Day after day, months after months, the painstaking work continued.

And finally, the temple was restored to its original glory!

All the religions and the spiritual teachers say our body is a temple. The temple of the Lord, the Divine resides within us and everything we do is an offering to the Divine within.

But then, what about the lack of attention? The fries, soft drinks and other unhealthy food we put in our body, the lack of exercise  leading to accumulation of fat all over the body, the unhealthy emotions we carry all day long and the cobwebs gathered in our minds due to lack of use?

It is time to finally realize the extent of the damage we do to ourselves! It is time to take a rain check and amend our ways!

Slowly, one step a time, we have to make the changes to bring our self to its full glory, to stand tall and make ourselves worthy of the Divine residing within.

A drastic change is not feasible, but at the same time, change is not impossible! The only essential thing is the determination to get through…the courage to get back up on the feet when you fall…the strength of the mind to resist temptations…

It is time to restore this beautiful temple back to its actual glory!


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