Cleaning and clearing…

This post is inspired by the status mentioned on my friend / mentor Beloo’s FB page regarding therapeutic effect of cleaning and dusting (“Whoever says he/she would rather have a ‘life’ (whatever that means) than clean and dust hasn’t discovered the therapeutic benefits of cleaning and dusting.”). Beloo, I hope you don’t mind my using your statement as an inspiration and quoting you..

I correlated my experience as I read her status. My house is usually a mess by evening! A soft toy here, a piece of puzzle there! Snack plates, glasses on the table and floor in front of TV! It’s a sore sight and the whole place would appear to be a maze, difficult to negotiate through, unless I start picking up! And the sight alone can make the blood rush to my face. Often I start shouting and order my kids to clean up the mess. But on some days when I am in a lighter mood, I start picking up the stuff. As the room becomes cleaner I  feel my mind also calming down.

There are some days when I would feel clouded within… I would be angry for no reason. And a terrible sadness would engulf me! Nothing helps during these times, nothing I read, no music and not even the TV series I follow! During one such time, I decided to clean my house, thinking it to be better than not doing anything. I started cleaning up one corner of house and then went on to make a whole room spic and span. As I cleared one space after other, I could feel my mind too decluttering. By the end of the day, I was physically tired but mentally and emotionally clear and happy.

Decluttering of the material space around us seems to be directly propotional to the decluttering of our minds! Is it the first step of cleaning our inner selves?


One thought on “Cleaning and clearing…

  1. I fully endorse the therapeutic effects of cleaning and decluttering.. My favourite is cleaning out cupboards and shelves. It has triple benefits — cleaning up, calming and lifting the spirits and discovering forgotten treasures, a photograph here, a trinket there, even a favourite kurta or dupatta! And Beloo is an inspiration and mentor to a lot of us out there, so her status update inspiring a blog post doesn’t come as a surprise at all 🙂

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