Am I living ‘now’?

2015 is coming to end. It is time for resolutions again!

New year resolutions also mean a rain check! Where am I on my 2015 resolutions? What about a tally of gains and losses?


The same resolutions are made year after year! Lose weight, meditate, read books, write, do not yell on children, etc etc etc.. a long list of things to do! And year after year they are forgotten in a week, till December and again, it is time for resolutions!

Recently, I came across a post on FB which was a reminder that it is only the calendar that changes on a new year, rest everything remains the same in your life ( a funny post but I took what struck me!)…

Got me thinking…

What have I been doing all these years? Have I ever made any real change-in myself or my situations or my environment, for anyone or anywhere?

So this year, I don’t have a list of resolutions. I don’t have a target to achieve or things to do.

“The same minute never strikes twice on the clock of fate.  There are unique moments in life that pass like a dream. One must catch them on the wing, for they never return. The present is the most important moment in life” The Mother (CWM 15, pg 79)


Instead, I am going to ask myself-

        Am I living ‘now’?


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