Forgiveness is a long road…

Many have wronged me (well, according to me that is, but for them it may not be…!)

The point is, I have been hurt by several people throughout my life.

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Some have cheated me off money, some hurt physically, even worse was betrayal by some I have trusted the most…

Part of life, you may say…forgive and move on…

I have actually!

Forgiven them, even meet and greet cordially.

Question is ‘Have I truly forgiven them? Have I been able to accept them unconditionally?’
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An image has ever been stuck in my head, ‘Trust is like a crumpled paper, you may straighten it, but it won’t be the same as it was before.’

Is it the same with forgiveness?

I forgive, but forget not! May be even forget, but it remains in the deep somewhere to just pop up and hurt some day for some while…

How then do I progress?

Progress - 1
Periwinkle. Mother’s significance – progress. Image courtesy:

The Mother says, “When love is, the need for forgiveness does not exist.” (CWMCE 17, pg 387)

Forgiveness is a long obstacle course, taking one step a time asking the Divine’s grace to guide is the only help.

Forgiveness is praised by the Christian and the Vaishnava, but for me, I ask “What do I have to forgive and whom?”  (Sri Aurobindo, aphorism 21)

The Mother tells us when asked about this aphorism when we ask forgiveness from the Divine, what we really hope is to remove the effects of the err we have committed. Instead, what we need to ask is the power to make the necessary progress (CWMCE 10, pg 46)




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